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10th April 2023
6th February 2024

WPSEO.AI; an AI-powered SEO plugin for WordPress

Optimise your existing posts, pages, and general content, utilising the power of artificial intelligence (AI). On a low-cost pay-as-you-go model.

While this isn’t the first option out there for AI integration. I’d like to hope this is one of the easiest to use, to improve the quality of your existing content, through the power of artificial intelligence.

WPSEO.AI launches in October 2023

Launching in October 2023. WPSEO.AI will be operating on a pay-as-you-go model, with one-off payment credit options as low as $2.90 USD. You’ll be given 750000 credits, which you will use to optimise your content. There are no fixed term monthly subscriptions, or any other hidden fees. Simply purchase credits up front, and use those credits as and when you need them. The credits you purchase never expire, so there’s no need to rush your optimisation decisions.

AI optimisations for SEO, with proofreading, block-layout, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) support, and translations through a WPML integration.

The idea of WPSEO.AI is to allow you to make incremental changes to your content, and leverage AI for assistive improvements. WordPress plugin features include proofreading, SEO, block-layout optimisations, content translation using WPML, and support for the plugin Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), including submission auditing, to keep track of your credit usage; more features are in development.

As the platform evolves, we’ll provide case studies of how WPSEO.AI can be used on your WordPress site.

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